We understand that fish may be damaged during catch and release if appropriate caution is not taken, so we provide the following guidelines for catch and release:
Use barbless or de-barbed hooks
*  Play the fish to the bank as quickly as possible to minimize the fish's exhaustion
*  Try not to handle the fish out of the water
*  If possible, unhook the fish without removing it from the water - you may get a little wetter this way, but your fish is much more likely to survive
*  If you need to weigh the fish, do it in the net (which should be knotless)
*  Under no circumstances should you handle the fish's gills or squeeze it's lower body
*  Preferably use pliers, forceps or a "Catchum" tool to hold the hook and "shake" the fish off in the water - a fish is much less likely to suffer                                                                                                                         damage by thrashing around in the water while you hold a hook, as opposed to being held or laid on the bank
*  Once unhooked, if the fish does not swim away quickly and strongly, then support the fish in an upright position while it recovers
*  If deep-hooked or gill hooked, then rather cut the line and release the fish - a fly cost a few rands - a trophy fish can cost hundreds to replace and, anyway, it deserves to live to fight another day!